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Women Of Beauty Inc. is a 501C3  Non-Profit that started in 2013. My life transition was the inspiration that started me ministering to young adults in 2011 at my local church, New Life. I was excited about life at this point, after a life full of physical abuse, mental abuse, depression, different case numbers with the Department Of Children and Families. A few trips to jail and late nights in the club. I decided that this convicted felon had to change. The process was not easy, but I am here. I thank God that through it all, I never stopped loving. I always wanted others around me to be happy and I still do. When I started I stored up clothes, shoes, etc. and I gave them away to those in need. Not knowing that God had a plan for my life all along, When I was a night club dancer my stage name was Beauty. I spent almost a year trying to come up with a name for this Organization. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t shake the name Beauty. Then one day I googled the word beauty, the synonyms came up as well. It almost blew my mind. It had virtue, blessings, pleasing as well as being attractive. Now here we are today, “Women Of Beauty Inc."!

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